100+ Years Old Brands: The Laughing Cow.

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New brands spring up everyday. Some of them are doing significantly well, but we want to take the opportunity to recognize brands that have proven their resilience and endurance by standing the test of time. 

The first on our list is the THE LAUGHING COW.

Coincidently, the company celebrated their hundred years anniversary this year.

Most people on our continent only picture laughing cow when they hear the word cheese and that is a big deal!

In 1921, THE LAUGHING COW cheese was born in Lons, France.

In 1924, the founder, Leon Bel changed the logo into a red cow with earrings and they have been causing laughter around the world ever since.

THE LAUGHING COW factory was moved to Leitchfield, Kentucky since 1975. The company now has close to 400 employees producing 350 million wedges annually under the BEL BRANDS USA.

To celebrate 100 years of deliciously creamy cheese wedges, they are turning your laughter into donations for some of the best non-profits around the globe. Because it’s better to laugh.

So when next you are enjoying a creamy cheese from THE LAUGHING COW, please don’t forget to record yourself laughing and share it on

Visit 100YTLC.COM to share your laugh!


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