“DM for price” and 5 other annoying things we all hate about social media shopping

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There is absolutely no doubt that online shopping has come to revolutionalise how we research and buy items. These days, you can lay in your bed and scan through multiple shops all over without moving an inch.

Notwithstanding, there are lots of vendors who are doing all their best to turn this amazing advantage into headaches for us and most of the time, making the entire online shopping experience annoying rather than empowering. Let’s share some of these things we hate.

  1. DM for Price

There is nothing more enraging that seeing an item you love only for the flyer to have a “Dm for price” note by the vendor. Why on earth will some vendors do that to us? Not only are you making us angry as potential customers but we also end up walking away with our money. Please give us price tags upfront.

2. Discount sales without price reference

We have all seen those product flyers that say “40% off” with absolutely no reference to the original price. Maybe shopping online is supposed to make us fortune tellers.  

3. Out of stock, price outdated but still displayed

This is probably the most heart breaking. You see a product you like on a platform like Jiji ,Tonaton or social media, you then call the vendor only to be told the item is out of stock or the price is actually higher. Whyyyyy???? It’s as if the vendor’s virtual store is a totally different store from the items they have physically.

4. Rude attitude of vendors and horrible customer support

Sometimes, you wonder how it’s humanly possible for some vendors to treat us polite customers so horribly. Acting as if, we need to beg to buy their items.

Yes, we know that you encounter lots of toxic customers all the time who spoil your day but it’s unfair to allow this bad energy to trickle into the positive vibes some of us bring.  We are giving you money in exchange for a product or service. It’s a win-win situation so please treat us well.

5. Returns and refunds

Have you ever found it so tedious to return a damaged or an unfit item when it really wasn’t your fault.  You are not alone. The frustration and disappointment that comes with a vendor treating you like that is so painful. 

When genuine returns and refunds are made easy for us, our loyalty spikes to an all-time high. You the vendor may have lost some money for that sale but you have won a customer for life.

In conclusion, to all the vendors and retailers out there; We love you and appreciate the hard work you put in to get us the best products, but we are also paying you and trusting our money in your hands so as much as you can, make it a breeze for us too. Be transparent with your prices upfront, update your listings online (a platform like Sumundi Keepsales can help you launch an online store where all your product prices and quantities exactly match with what you have in your shop) , be nice to us as we are with you and please make it easy for us to return a bad item.


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