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Software solutions are very beneficial to businesses, both big and small. Every business’ target is to grow into a bigger one. Usually people just assume that it is only big businesses like malls and supermarkets that require the use of software yet we forget, big businesses were once small. So the question is how did the small business grow?  And why do small businesses fail over a short period? How do you grow your small business then if you are shunning what will actually put you up there.

Small businesses tend to focus on the fact that they have little resources when making a decision on the use of technology for their business and stick to paper and pen bookkeeping which is good but not scalable. As a small business owner, you must be extremely interested in the use of software automation for your business. Let’s further break the benefits down into more detail;

1.        Software saves your time ! Using manual bookkeeping is time consuming and we can  testify to that. It keeps you busy and away from handling other aspects of your business. It can be very hectic and challenging for a small business owner and that is why you need software to do the job for you while you attend to other important things. Software is faster and requires less time to keep records, generate invoices and receipts and it also keeps track of sales and transactions automatically.

2.       Increase in accuracy– have you heard of the saying that computers never make mistakes? Manual bookkeeping can be tiring and a tired man is bound to make mistakes leading to inaccuracy in the records of your business,  which is bad for business. What the software does is to prevent these human errors. All calculations and processes are done automatically with the available data, this helps to determine the precise growth of the business. Inaccuracy in records will lead to wrong results and wrong decision making and as a small business, inaccuracy in records is not good.

3.   Keeping track of business progress! Software enables you to track records, transactions, money received, money paid. It helps you to know the current state of the business by generating daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly records. It helps you to know your profits and losses which leads you into making better decisions  for your business.

4.        Tax compliance – some recently developed software helps to track the tax paid on every transactions made and can also produce accumulated records of tax paid for a period. This will enable a smooth and stress free tax audit since all information needed for the audit is made available by the software. In this way, small businesses can take out the stress of calculating tax manually and all the challenges associated with it.

5.       Tracking inventory – bookkeeping software allows one to take records of initial stock as at entry level and daily, monthly and yearly stock available at a particular time. It helps to alert the business owner of low stock, expired stock and through this he is able to make a decision to  order for more goods or run a sale.

A small capital should not prevent you from using a software for your business. If you want to grow your small capital into a bigger one, you should consider the use of bookkeeping software for your business. Do not let your business fail.


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