How to start a restaurant business with only 250ghs 😲

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This post is definitely our craziest post yet and you will be wondering how on mother earth you can start a restaurant with only 250ghs. Well, there is a school of thought that says that if you think you need a lot of money before taking the steps to start a business, then you are out of ideas.

It’s a matter of knowing what resources you already have and what resources you need. You probably already have a neat kitchen in your home with some utensils, cooker etc and that is more than enough.

Let this article be an inspiration that whichever type of selling business you want to launch, you can get started with the right ideas and very little capital.

It’s time to quickly jump straight into starting that restaurant. There are 4 decisions we need to make, all within the budget of 250ghs before we can launch our restaurant.

  1. What food are we going to sell?
  2. Where are we going to sell it?
  3. How are we going to market it and get our first set of customers?
  4. How do we get customers to come back again?

Number #1 What food are we going to sell?

We will try and be prudent with the budget and estimate on the high. For the food, our budget is GHS100-120 for 10 – 15 servings.

When it comes to preparing food for people within a budget of GHS120, we know you are skilled in it and can do some magic. The goal here is to be able to prepare food packs to serve 10-15 people to start with.

At this point, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. The type of food you decide to start with should be something popular and close to a staple food at least. It’s easy to get stuck at this stage but please don’t.

Remember that food is food and lots of people buy different types of food. There is no wrong or right. If you are confused, then simply go with the most affordable food you are best at preparing.

Some ideas you can explore:

  • Gob3, fried plantain, egg, sausage and green pepper
  • Egg fried rice with gizzard and a little gravy
  • You can also try spaghetti with chicken and sausage
  • If you are feeling confident, you can explore preparing salad too.

Next, for 10-15 servings, you can get packaging for just about GHS1.50 per serving which includes a takeaway pack, tissue, plastic spoon and a nice packing rubber.

At this point, we have exhausted GHS140 – 150 out of the GHS250 restaurant budget. With the GHS100 remaining, we will allocate a small portion for expenses such as transportation to get your ingredients and some other materials. This cost can be greatly reduced if you can get a huge portion of the ingredients you need right in your area.  Let’s allocate about GHS40 for this cost.

So a quick breakdown of our costs so far:

  1. Food budget:  GHS100 – 120
  2. Packaging  GHS20 – 30
  3. Transportation: GHS20 – 40

We are making very good progress. Now onto the next challenge.

Number #2 and #3 Where are we going to sell it and how are we going to market it?

This is probably the make it or break it portion of our entire strategy. No, we are not going to setup a physical shop, canteen or anything like that. We are going virtual. Remember, we are using a smart strategy of leveraging on existing resources to launch our restaurant.

There are only three platforms we need: Bolt Food, Jumia Food and Glovo. All you need to start selling your food is to list your new restaurant business on these three platforms, and it costs nothing. Literally, from your kitchen, you can be delivering the food you have prepared to people who ordered on these platforms.

As long as you have a smart phone or a tablet, you are good to go. You definitely have one right? Of course, else you won’t be reading this article.

On these three platforms, you don’t need to worry in the beginning about marketing or acquiring customers. We don’t have the budget for that. All you have to do is to sign up on their platforms and they will handle the rest ( we have no affiliation or whatsoever to these platforms). We are simply inspired to show you how you can get your new restaurant business off the ground.

Bolt food:

Jumia food:


Number #4 How do we get customers to come back again?

You have to keep it in mind that selling on these three platforms is not the long term goal. The goal is for them to give you an initial launch to help you to acquire enough capital to build your brand and acquire more customers outside those platforms. Simply put, your source of business as you grow shouldn’t only be from these platforms.

In this context, you have to use the opportunity to establish your customer base. How???

Once you start listing on these platforms, you will have access to the information of customers who order from you. Make it a point to reach out to these customers directly, introduce yourself and keep their information somewhere safe. With the remaining budget money, you can invest in very cheap remarketing channels such as Bulk SMS to remind the customers, send them best wishes and keep them thinking about you.

As much as we would love to share a lot more, the scope of this article doesn’t cover all the strategies you can adopt to grow your new business which is something you will pick up and learn over time. We are only first focused helping you start.

Fortunately, at this point, you already have all the fundamental strategies in place to launch you new restaurant business.

Nothing should really hold you back now. Even better, you will probably be able to further cut costs. We believe in you and know you can implement the strategies here in a smarter way.

We would love to know how this works out for you if you decide to take the bold step so don’t hesitate to get interactive with us via any of our social media platforms.

Let the world know how crazy you are and how much you are willing to make it big.

Wishing you the very best!!!


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