You can now upload product images for your online store in the Sumundi Keepsales mobile app and we are thrilled 🎉

If you have launched your online store with Sumundi or have been thinking about launching your online store, you would realize that uploading product images was only possible in the web app. This meant that, you had to transfer your pictures from your mobile phone to your computer before uploading. This could be quite time consuming and annoying as well.

Good news is, after our most recent update, you can now manage your product images all from within the Sumundi Keepsales mobile app.

There are two main ways you can access this new feature in the mobile app depending on your workflow.

Method #1

At the all products section, you can press and hold on a particular product to bring up the quick actions menu. Click on option 4 that says “Manage images” to bring up the image upload dialog.

The image upload dialog looks like what you see in the screenshot below. The first image is the image for internal use only. The second image is the main display image for your online store and the last two options are for your two additional images.

Method #2

When you decide to edit a product, you will see a new grey button right on top of the edit product page that says, Manage Images. Click on this button to bring up the image upload dialog as shown in method 2.

We hope you enjoy this new update which seeks to help it a lot easier to manage your product images.

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