Why a great shop layout can boost your sales

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More and more people are gradually understanding the importance of the retail and thus, investing heavily in it. These days, it is not uncommon to notice any capable person opening up some sort of retail shop to cash in on the boom. 

Because of the proliferation of shops these days, having a retail shop doesn’t guarantee immediate success. There are many things you have to consciously do, in order to attract customers to you and increase your sales;

Investing in customer experience

Why do we use the term invest? Because it is a necessary activity that may cost you time, money and effort, but at the end of the day, it is going to yield immense benefits to your business. Which customer doesn’t love to buy from a shop that gives them the best customer experience and unforgettable positive memories? Even more, recommendations and referrals to your business will surge into the skies like a space rocket.

There are many ways to invest in customer experience and for this article we will be looking at one way to go about that. That is called Visual Merchandizing. 

What is visual merchandizing? 

According to www.marketing91.com, Visual merchandising is referred to as the art of displaying goods in a retail store to boost sales and to attract the attention of customers. Yes, just the arrangement of items in your shop is enough to drop or boost sales.

The question you would want to ask yourself is, how presentable does your shop look in general? What kind of impression do you want to leave your customers with when they see your products on your shelves? Does it drive them to keep shopping for more?

Established brands apply visual merchandizing on an insane level. Their goods are meticulously and intentionally displayed to attract your attention. It is very important that small businesses or large businesses who haven’t yet invested in visual merchandizing begin to do so. We are going to look at some of the advantages of visual merchandizing.  

  1. Products come in different colors and forms and it is essential to organize those products efficiently to attract the customers. A well arranged and organized display of products in your shop can be a very attractive and persuasive salesman rather than an actual person.
  2. Having a nicely arranged shop boosts sales by bringing out the best products right in front of your customers.
  3. A well organized and beautiful shop creates a beautiful image and positive ambiance in the store to make customers feel good by being in your store.
  4. Visual merchandizing entertains customers and makes customers have fun purchasing from your shop.
  5. A well organized and beautiful shop with proper labels can help educate customers about the goods and services sold in the store. No one likes to talk around not knowing the prices or descriptions of items.
  6. It gives you a competitive advantage over other shops. A perfectly organised shop is a business that is hard to beat.
  7. It allows for free advertisement through word of mouth, especially in our social media era where image is everything. Customers wouldn’t mind taking pictures with your shop, and posting them online to promote your brand. 

Just like we mentioned earlier, if you invest in visual merchandizing, then you successfully fulfilled a huge part of the equation needed to take your business to higher heights!

Sumundi is a leader in the retail market place and we can assist you on how to set up your shop with the right tools and technology, that will enhance the image of your shop and give you that competitive edge that will eventually lead to increased sales. So yes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get interactive.


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