The Top 7 Benefits An Online Store Gives Your Retail Business That Instagram Doesn’t

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It’s almost a sin to not have an Instagram page for your retail business in 2021. Especially if you are just starting out. For this reason, a larger percentage of businesses simply start an Instagram business page and end it there.

This strategy can only help you to a point, but if you are envisioning a retail business that is going to grow beyond you in Ghana, Africa and stand out from the crowd, then you deeply need to consider launching a full blown online store.

Let your Instagram page do your marketing but don’t let it handle your operations and customer experience as well.

Here are the top 7 benefits you enjoy from an online store that you miss out on when you only have an Instagram page:

  1. Easier sorting and shopping through your products by customers

An ecommerce online store gives customers who are shopping through your  product catalogue the tools to make their shopping more exciting and far easier.  Price filters, search bars, carts, wish lists, checkout pages and many more. Customers like to be able to jump straight to the items they are looking for.

On Instagram, customers usually have to scroll through endless pages of posts to probably find what they are looking and even worse, prices or details of the product may have changed over time. This is what usually leads to hundreds of messages in your dm that you find it hard to even reply. All of that is drastically reduced when shopping from you is more organised on an online store.

Good news is that a platform like Sumundi Keepsales helps you to launch an online store in minutes and all you need to do is to worry about your products. All organization and shopping tools for your customers is automatically added for you.

2. Customers immediately know when an item is in stock or out of stock

If you have experienced the situation where multiple customers reach out to you on Instagram for an item only to find out it is out of stock, then you can relate with the frustration on both sides.

On an online store, customers automatically see when an item is not only out of stock but when it’s also running out of stock. This real time information is a time saver and provides so much convenience for your customers. It also eliminates a ton of frustration.

3. A bigger opportunity for customers to connect properly with your brand

If you sell on Instagram, then you know that next to your business is hundreds if not thousands of other competitor businesses all on the same platform. It’s easy for your brand to get mashed up in all of that red hot competition especially when your business is still young.

Don’t get rid of  your Instagram page, instead, redirect your page visitors as much as possible to your online store which is a totally separate entity. You may not see the results immediately but with time, customers will take the time to visit your online store anytime they want to shop for an item in your industry mainly because of point 1: it’s just easier to do so.

Once a customer is on your online store, there are no distractions. All interactions is strictly between your brand and their eyes.

4. Ability to provide additional and more detailed shopping information and policies

If you have every shopped on a well developed online store, you can easily appreciate the level of detail in product descriptions and reviews. Customers really get an opportunity to appreciate your products in astounding detail. Even better, you don’t have to repeat yourself every single time and you can always easily refer customers by sharing your online store links.

This gives you a level of professionalism and seriousness in the sight of your customers.

5. Visually appealing elements when running discounts and promos

Online stores make running promos a breeze and a sight to behold. With all the flashy 30% offs and 24% off displays on products. Your customers are easily able to scan through all your items, search through what’s on sale and voila, more income opportunities for you

6. A robust order management system to avoid disappointing customers and mixing up orders

One very important thing that lacks severely on Instagram is extensive features to manage multiple orders and deliveries. You have customers calling to order, dm-ing you to order, sending you messages on WhatsApp etc. You can manage with only a couple of orders a day but immediately your business grows to just 7+ orders a day, you are in for trouble.

Managing delivery requests, changes to orders and many more can easily become a headache if you don’t have an online store with a comprehensive order management system to help you keep all of that organised.

Most of the time, you may end up feeling like you need more hands to help you out with your business when at that very moment, all you need is some level of automation.

7. Easier for returning customers to re-purchase their favorite products from you very fast

Customers do not like dm-ing you or calling you to buy. They usually end up doing that because there is no other option. It’s the 21st century. People just want to sit behind their phones and computers, make a few clicks and get their items delivered to them.

It gets more annoying when a customer has to dm you each time they want to make a purchase. Especially for the same kind of item. Meaning, they won’t really reach out to you in times like the night because they feel your account is not available at that time. It also means, customers from outside your time location cannot shop from you because when you are sleeping, they are awake. It’s thousands of restrictions you have unconsciously placed on your own business because of a missing online store.

Make it easy for your customers to buy and re-buy from you every single time because not only are you creating immense loyalty to your brand, you end up making more sales over time with lesser inputs.

Instagram and other social media platforms are awesome to market to customers to start but if you want to take your business operations to the next level, then definitely make it a point to launch your online store as soon as you can.

It’s not even hard. You can do that easily and for FREE with Sumundi Keepsales and you don’t even need any technical knowledge to do so.

We can’t wait to see you on the other side!!!


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