The Life Of A Retail Business

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The beauty of earth that other planets do not have at this point of our solar system is life. The earth is full of creatures that are alive and are functioning in their respective roles to keep the world going. For earth to continue to be unique it needs its creatures to be alive and functioning under its atmosphere. Living things are basically living and functioning. Anything that isn’t living and functioning like it ought to be is basically non-living or dead. Two major characteristics is subscribed to living things. For everything that lives, it basically supports these two things; living things have be to be able to exist or be alive, and they have to grow. When a creature stops growing, they begin to expire. When they expire, they seize to exist. When they seize to exist, they become irrelevant to the world because they do not contribute anything anymore to keep the world as it is. It is therefore necessary that processes and actions are put in place to keep us alive, and to make us grow.

A retail business has life. Perspectives are necessary in this context of how retail businesses are looked at to help us understand that, a retail business goes beyond the inanimate-ness of its concept into a venture that is relevant to the survival of the world. When a retail business is treated as a living being that needs to be preserved and facilitated to grow in order to keep on existing and being relevant, the approach to how retail businesses are treated is changed and more responsibility is attached to the successful running of that retail business. It is necessary that systems and processes are put in place to ensure that retail businesses do exist and they grow. Why is it necessary to treat retail businesses as life?

Firstly, a retail business is the direct source of solutions to the needs of the consumer. Consumers are constantly in need of goods and services. The complexity of mankind as compared to other creatures like animals and plants is the desire to have our many different needs met. A retail business that is instituted in a community has the potential to solve a lot of needs for the consumer by bringing products and services to the doorstep of the consumer. Without the existence of retail businesses, people do not have access to any kind of product and services, and to not have access to these product and services has a direct influence on customers’ lives.

Also, a retail business creates a market for producers to be relevant. Again, the human race is an outstanding race because of our ability to solve problems by creating products and services that can meet the needs of people. It is not enough to produce, but your ability to distribute and provide the solutions to the customers is what makes industries relevant. The life of the retail business is necessary for industries to exist.

Finally, a retail business has impact. The impact of a retail business is so crucial it is able to transcend the life of the human race itself. When a retail business is treated as life, and is therefore preserved and nurtured, it is able to impact generations upon generations. Retail businesses have impact on two levels namely, subsistence level, and a global level. On a subsistence level, retail businesses are able to improve the lives of the owners of the business and the overall livelihood of the owners. The survival of retail business owners can be literally linked to the survival of the retail business. Then when the business begins to scale and go beyond just improving the livelihood of the owners, it begins to affect other lives as well, by creating employments which can directly lead to an increase in the livelihood of the workers themselves, and then as the business grows, it begins to move from just having an impact on the owners, but to the local community of the owner, and the to the region or state, and then to the country where the business was founded and then the business begins to have an impact on global economies and the world.

Retail businesses are supposed to be preserved and scaled. Statistically, that has not really been the case. Africa is riddled with many retail businesses that are not able to efficiently sell to many customers, poor inventory management, lack of funding, inability to serve both the traditional community and the online community, poor records keeping, inability to innovate, slow retail processes, and inability to have the right information that allow the businesses to leverage on for growth. If a business was treated as life with infinite potential, then there wouldn’t be a lot of records of business collapses. In Africa, a lot of businesses are not able to grow from the subsistence level to a global level. They never grow beyond their local communities.

Some retail business owners create retail businesses and do not attach the necessary responsibilities needed for the business to keep existing and scaling. One popular mantra for businesses is to start locally, but think globally. Normally, some retailers start small, serving small numbers in a very niche market and they are not able to grow from their small localities to scaling. Relevant systems needed to keep the retail business running effectively are therefore not instituted. For a small business that does not invest in helping the businesses to grow in order to stay alive, they remain small and eventually die.

The death of a retail business is a catastrophe to the lives of human beings because of the impact of retail businesses. Imagine needing a product or service, and never having it met because the life that provided it ended due to poor management and poor systems. It is therefore very necessary that retail businesses are able to grow beyond the owners to being an enterprise that continues to be relevant to other people for many years and for generations to come.

If you happen to have a retail business, you might very well want to ask how you are treating that business. Are you treating it as a life that needs to be nurtured to grow in order to keep on existing and keep on being relevant, or you are failing to take rigorous responsibility for the business and not putting in the necessary systems in place that helps the business to grow? A growing business is necessary for the business’ existence.

At Sumundi, we understand the impact and the life of your business. We understand that your business is relevant to you the business owner and not to you alone, but also to the community, to your country and to the world. If your retail business doesn’t exist, livelihoods are at stake. We treat your retail business more than just a place of activity, or a money-making machine, but as life. As a retail accelerator, it is our mission to partner with you to help your business continue to do the good job it is doing and to continue to do it on a larger scale. With Sumundi, you are rest assured that your business will continue to grow and exist to serve mankind.

At Sumundi, we care about your business and we are totally passionate about making sure it grows and it expands.


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