SMS Receipts vs Printed Receipts. Which Is The Best For Your Retail Business?

It is a common experience to be given a digitally printed receipt when you purchase an item from a shop that uses a POS system. A POS system is the computer you normally see right on the counter on which the shop attendant inputs the sales.

Printed receipts are a modern way of giving out receipts that has come to replace manually written receipts. For most shops who currently do not use POS systems for their transactions, you notice they bring out a receipt book, and they begin to fill your details onto the receipt paper, with another paper foil beneath your receipt paper they are writing on. Once they are done, they tear it for you… and then they get to have a copy as well. It looks exhausting because if later you come back to them, then they have to be going through their records sheet by sheet. Extremely error prone and inefficient! 

Receipts have been with us for as long as retail businesses have existed and it has its importance. In this article we will be comparing two current styles of receipt printing. We call it the old testament style of receipt printing and the new testament style of receipt printing.

For most people when they are getting ready to start or launch their retail shops, their budget most often than not consists of procuring a receipt printer. There are many kinds of receipt printers available from wired to wireless types. These receipt printers require that you have to get receipt papers as well. It can also be expensive depending on the type that you are buying. A lot of retailers with very minimal budgets postpone any idea of getting receipt printers because of its cost. If you want to use multiple POS systems, it means you will need multiple receipt printers as well, and that comes with always buying receipt papers. So it’s clear we have a high maintenance cost problem for traditional receipt printers. 

Furthermore, the setup of your printers is a factor to consider. If you are not tech savvy, you may find setting up your printer a bit complex. Usually, most retail businesses hire the services of IT personnel to assist with setting up of their printers. If any errors regarding your printer begin to pop up, then you are left on your own to figure your own issues out. Who do you call when your printer begins to give your errors? Then it will cost you extra to again get an IT guy to come fix your printer for you.

Also, printers wear out. Printers like any hardware most often are temporal and over a certain period of time, they do not function as well as they did the first time you bought them. Cables can develop issues, sometimes, they may get damaged, and a lot of frequent usage can wear it down. If you happen to own a printer, it is common knowledge to know that you cannot rule out the possibility of maintenance for your printer. So you always have to be prepared for all those inevitable scenarios that happen. 

Since receipts still have to be given irrespective of how fragile our printers can be, SMS offers an amazing way of giving out receipts to your customers that is devoid of all the above issues related to traditional printers that I mentioned. 

Firstly, SMS receipts are very cost effective. All you have to do is purchase a number of SMS that you will be sending to your customers. You don’t need a huge budget to top up your SMS to send receipts to your customers. There are amazing deals such that the more SMS texts you buy, the lesser and lesser and lesser you pay.

Even more, you do not need to have any specialized skill to send SMS text. It is so basic I believe even a 10 year old can initiate an SMS receipt at the click of a button. 

It gets better. SMS receipts are not simply crumpled and thrown away like paper receipts. They are usually kept longer as they are delivered digitally right on the customer’s phone. You encounter multiple wasteful scenarios where customers just take these paper receipts, look at them and just throw them in the trash. This is your hard-earned money simply going to the thrash.

SMS receipts are instantaneous and you don’t have to worry about faulty printers, a slow POS system, running out of papers, etc. You can always send SMS texts to the customer. Especially if you are into delivery, you can just instantaneously send a receipt to the customer anywhere and anytime. The e-commerce retailer can even take advantage of SMS receipts without having to worry about how they can get their customers physical receipts. 

SMS receipts are the contemporary way of sending receipts to your customers and in this day and age, every retailer has to take advantage of this technology to provide the kind of consistency that the customers want without worrying about the complexity and difficulties that come with managing POS systems with its printers. 

Our Sumundi Keepsales software makes it a breeze to send SMS receipts anytime your customers make a purchase and it’s totally FREE to start using. You can learn more here.

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