Just opened a shop in Ghana, Africa? Here are 3 tips to help you get loyal customers

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Trust me, getting customers to repeatedly buy from your shop is a really interesting journey. It’s can definitely be a hard thing to achieve and requires you to go an extra mile all the time, especially when you are new in town.  Customers love to consistently buy from a shop mainly because of the type of experience they get before, during and after the purchase. Come on now, Let’s dig in:

Number 1:  train your sales attendants properly and strictly. It’s funny how this is number one on our list right?  Well yes, your sales attendants are usually the point of contact your customers have with your shop. They engage with your customers even more than you do a majority of the time, and you need to make sure that they reflect friendliness, smiles and warmth at all times.  Customers are really sensitive to hostility and indifference. You don’t want your sales people to be the reason why you lose customers you are not even aware of.

Point number 2: offer to help customers to find products they couldn’t’ get in your shop. Sometimes, customers come in to purchase items that you currently do not have in stock or do not sell at all. If this item is within your zone, offer to bring in a few pieces for the customer to come pick up later or simply point the customer in the right direction on where to get some. Trust that this simple act of genuine concern can be the reason why a customer comes back again to purchase from you.

Point number 3: be willing to organise a series of promotions and discounts right from day one. Customer’s love discount deals to the core. Just because that tin of milo has been discounted by even 2ghs will make them walk straight into your new shop. Yes, promos can be expensive and drain your capital but trust that, the returns on investment will be in a three fold. So go ahead, get the colorful discount flyers and signboards. Post them all around your shop and watch the magic happen. With time, people will  also automatically begin to associate your shop with affordability and that is definitely a huge advantage for you.

So there you go. These are some 3 amazing tips for attracting some great customers if you just opened your shop. Also don’t hesitate to subscribe to our YouTube channel for awesome video content as well!

Wishing you the very best!


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