Invoices vs Selling On Credit (SOC). What should you use?🤔

Keepsales offers two very handy systems for keeping track of customers who take items from you and pay later in installments.

Choosing between Invoicing and SOC can be confusing but this post is to help you make a decision by stating some of the differences and usecase scenarios for both.

  1. Use Invoices when the customer is keen about receiving an official document for knowing how much they have paid and how much is left. Use SOC for customers who are okay with verbal agreements or SMS receipts of their deposits. Just like every payment transaction, Keepsales allows you to automatically send SMS receipts to customers anytime they make an installment.

Learn how to send installments SMS receipt here:

  1. Invoices are more formal and are better for dealing with other businesses who buy from you such as other shops or wholesalers. SOC works mostly for individual customers.
  2. SOC can be created even by sales people, but if you want your sales people to be able to create invoices, then you have to grant them the permission to do so, and explain to them what information is required. This empowers them to be able to deal with other businesses even in your absence.

With this information, we believe you will improve at capturing all information related to your debtors and let nothing slip through.

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