Bad shop attendants and how they steal from your shop

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Shop attendants are really smart. Simply because they usually know the in and outs of how your shop operates. Infact, they are mostly right in the center of your operations. There are some gaps in how you run your shop that can leave you at the mercy of your shop attendants. Let’s go through a few of these gaps:

1. You keep no records

This is probably the biggest and most popular reason that your shop attendants are so easily able to steal from you. You do not have any system in place to automatically track how much you are selling in a day, how many products you have left, how many products your purchased last week etc. You are keeping records manually in books and in worse case scenarios, even mentally. Pathway to disaster. Our software can help you keep properly organised records of all your business transactions.

2. You allow sales people to make purchases and expenses on your behalf

You give them the authority to pick from your sales to buy materials or even fix certain things in your shop all without any proof of expense. You simply take what they say and leave it as that. What shows the detergent that was used to mop the shop floor was purchased at 8ghs instead of the 9ghs the attendant came to tell you. All these little differences add up very fast.

3. Lack of regular stock takes

You have been running your shop for years or months and you never conduct regular stock takes to see if the sales you are making actually tally with the inventory coming in and going out of your shop. This is an open gateway for stock theft by your shop attendants. We can help you with this through our robust software and extensive stock taking experience.

4. No operational boundaries for shop attendants

In a business where shop attendants can randomly do things like order new stock or buy personal items from the business’s sales register, then the decline of the business is already taking place. It’s not wrong to delegate such tasks to your shop attendants but delegating them with no set policies and monitoring is a really bad business practice.

You will probably be asking, how can I close all these gaps? The first step is to invest into a reliable shop management system. The second step is to introduce strict operational policies that govern who does what and at what time. The third is to hold your shop attendants accountable for oversights and costly mistakes. There is a lot more strategies sales attendants can use and if you would like to discuss more about your situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Hopefully, these few tips and tricks will help you eliminate stock theft in your shop.


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