Road Stories of a Digital Nomad Couple


Why You Need To Shop Online

I will always choose online shopping to physical shops because of these online shopping advantages. Convenience Online is the new retail trend because of its


Setbacks Of Physical Retail Shops

In this article we discuss some setbacks of retail physical shops that are probably hindering the growth and increase in customers. These setbacks are very


Packaging Items For Delivery

“Some of us are tired of the black rubber bags”, a customer said to me when I asked for his feedback on the items I

brand ambassadors

Introducing New Products To Customers!

80% of retailers have trouble introducing new products to their customers, which is quite understandable because most customers do not like change. Customers are likely

customer review

Protecting Your Goods Against Damage

I have observed this; customers always want products looking nice and brand new when purchasing from retailers.  In fact they would make these emphatic statements

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